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If you are looking for a local website designer or consultant, consider calling a local developer with over a decade of experience creating and maintaining websites. I manage websites for a number of local businesses as they are growing from increased web traffic and search engine optimizations (SEO). Most of my clients had already been paying a ridiculous amount of money to online SEO companies that built sites for them, but none of them had any success with those previous companies. If you are interested in giving local website design, hosting, or consulting a chance, please send me an email.


Local and Reliable

The unfortunate reality is that to grow as a local business, you really need local help that understands your area and business. At the very least, you need a real person that cares if your business grows and not just about the paycheck. I'm here to help my awesome local businesses grow their online presence. Paying online search engine optimization (SEO) companies is a waste of time because SEO isn't as simple as making a website. It's a constant adjustment and improvement to help your business rank higher in search results for services your business provides.

Customer Reviews

Jared has helped us tremendously with our business! He has been a major asset to our family owned business by managing our website.

A great good guy to work with, you will be satisfied!

Did a great job of repairing website and upgrading it to a usable efficient site.

Bloomington Indiana Website Designer

Bloomington Indiana Website Design

Website Creation and Maintenance

Websites can cost local businesses a small fortune, but it really should not cost as much as it does. Some Bloomington business owners have resorted to reducing costs by building the sites on their own. This is certainly an option with WordPress and other website designers. However, like most things in life, experience matters when building a site. Professionals will build a better and more responsive website than folks that are watching YouTube videos about how to create websites. A nice looking business website is important to customers, but if not built correctly, those customers might never find your site through Google. Websites can be thought of just like your business property. You want it to look nice and serve the purpose of conducting business be done inside it. While some do build their own properties, most leave the construction to the professionals. Finally, they have ongoing maintenance and other troubles that require attention. Your local Bloomington, Indiana web developer can handle this for you.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

If you build it, they will come. By now, we all know that usually isn't true today. We are all so busy these days that when we need to find something, we use Google. Putting a site on the internet doesn't mean that Google will know about it or even know what your local business is all about. You are wasting money if you have a website that isn't optimized for search engines like Google. Frequently, Google will go through all of the sites it knows about and use their secret algorithm to determine what sites should show up when someone Googles something. Unless you work for the search department at Google, you will never know this algorithm. However, experienced website designers that follow along with the search engine optimization (SEO) community have a pretty good idea of what Google is doing behind the scenes because we have experience building them for other local businesses that get traffic from Google. As it turns out, there are lots of particular things a website needs to worry about to rank higher in search results. I can never promise to make you rank at the top of Google for your business because that is dishonest. I don't work for Google nor do I know exactly what is in that secret algorithm. But, I will utilize all my search engine optimization knowledge to help your website rank higher in Google search results.

Bloomington Website Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
Bloomington Indiana Web Hosting

Website Hosting

Continuing with thinking of a website like you think of your business location, it needs to pay rent. As of today, that analogy still holds due to the astronomical rent prices. This rent is known as web hosting where you pay some company to host all of the content on your website so that people can connect to it from any computer in the world. What a lot of these companies charge for web hosting is ridiculously high. On top of this web hosting, you have to pay for your domain (web address) registrations and for security certificates. Usually this results in several hundred if not thousands of dollars. These are also another maintenance headache for local business owners especially when they "expire" causing your it to go down. Send me an email if you would like to find out cheaper Bloomington Indiana web hosting or if you would like me to handle website maintenance for you.

Do You Really Need A Business Website?

Of course, that depends on what you want from a business website? If you want to grow your business or offer online information or services to your customers, it sounds like you probably need one. Many businesses simply have Facebook pages, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't benefit from a real website. People search for your website on Google not on Facebook. Google places a lot more value on custom built websites than it does on your Facebook page, which is why business Facebook pages rarely appear higher than the business's website in Google search results. Ultimately, websites provide a great return on investment in most instances, but you should talk to a local website designer to understand if you need one for your business.

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