Why Choose a Local Bloomington Indiana Website Designer?

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Local Bloomington Indiana Website Designer

I'm a local Bloomington Indiana website designer and technology consultant that cares about our local businesses in Bloomington. Bloomington is an amazing place that cultivates a really unique environment with small businesses that are willing to try new things. In short, I love Bloomington, Indiana. I went to college here and returned to get my Masters here. I've worked in Bloomington for practically all of my adult life. With well over a decade of experience creating and maintaining websites, I enjoy what I do and plan to stay around supporting our local businesses.

Support Local Businesses

Sometimes I get a call from local business owners that have spent a bunch of money on building a website or search engine optimization (SEO). After talking with them for a few minutes, it becomes clear the company they are paying copieda website from a template and are charging them money for essentially not doing any work. These Bloomington businesses never saw any results and are looking for other options. This creates a great opportunity for someone like me to help these businesses grow by using the skills that I have. Please don't waste your money on these companies that promise to make your website first on Google. You don't have to hire me, but look around and hire a real website designer with experience in search engine optimization (SEO) to help you. You stand a far greater chance of success with a local web developer that cares about the businesses around them because they live here too.

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